Ross Harris
Cooper’s father. He was 33 years old in 2014. Graduated from the University of Alabama and was employed as a web developer for Home Depot at their Treehouse location (2600 Cumberland Parkway).

Leanna Harris
Cooper’s mother. She was 30 years old in 2014. Leanna also graduated from the U. of Alabama and was employed as a registered dietician. She divorced Ross before the trial, but testified in his defense.

Cooper Harris
Ross and Leanna’s only child. Twenty-two months old at the time of his death.

Michael Baygents
Ross’s brother. Police officer with the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Currently a sergeant in the training division. Defense witness.

Amy Baygents
Michael’s wife. Testified for the defense.


Chuck Boring – Cobb County assistant district attorney
Jesse Evans –  Deputy chief assistant district attorney
Susan Treadaway –  Assistant district attorney

Defense Attorneys

Maddox Kilgore –  Lead defense attorney, former Cobb County assistant district attorney
Carlos Rodriguez –  Maddox Kilgore’s law partner
Bryan Lumpkin –  Former Cobb County felony prosecutor

Cobb County Medical Examiners Office

Dr. Brian Frist – Chief Medical Examiner who performed Cooper’s autopsy. Testified for the prosecution.
Martin Jackson – Medical Examiner Investigator. Examined Cooper’s body at the scene. Prosecution witness.


Frank Cox – Chief magistrate judge. Presided over the probable cause hearing.
Mary Staley Clark –  Superior court judge. Presided over the 2016 trial.

Cobb County Police Department

James Ferrell
Stoddard’s supervisor and Unit commander. Prosecution witness.

LIndsay Foglia
Police officer. She and Brett Gallimore were the first officers on the scene. Testified for the prosecution.

Brett Gallimore
Police officer. Arrived on scene with Lindsay Foglia. Prosecution witness.

Cary Grimstead
Crime scene investigator who processed interior of Ross’s Hyundai Tucson. Prosecution witness.

Shawn Murphy
Second detective. Applied for the majority of search warrants. Prosecution witness.

Jacquelyn Piper
Police officer who arrived on scene after Foglia and Gallimore. Testified for the prosecution.

Brad Schumpert
Crime Scene Technician. Took measurements and photographs at Akers Mill Square. Prosecution witness.

Phil Stoddard
Lead detective on the case. Testified for the prosecution.

Ray Yeager
Detective in the Hi-Tech unit of the CCPD. Coordinated analysis of the Harrises’ electronic devices the day after Cooper’s death.

Prosecution Witnesses

Michelle Gray
Cooper’s Early Childhood teacher at Little Apron Academy (2455 Paces Ferry Rd., adjacent to Home Depot’s headquarters).

Alex Hall
Ross’s friend and business partner. Employed by Home Depot in their headquarters building at 2455 Paces Ferry Road.

Wesley Houston
Security guard in the Treehouse lobby.

Regina Malloy
Home Depot employee at the Treehouse location.

Winston Milling
Ross’s friend and business partner. Employed by Home Depot in their headquarters building at 2455 Paces Ferry Road.

Anthony Pantano
Bystander at Akers Mill Square who helped Ross remove Cooper from the car.

Jim Persinger
PM Investigations Inc. Specializes in digital forensics and creating software for law enforcement.

Walter Pineda
Expert in video enhancement and photography. He created still shots of the parking lot videos.

Chris Redmon
General manager of Vinings Chick-fil-A where Ross and Cooper ate breakfast on June 18, 2014.

Greg Sanders
Security operations manager for Home Depot. He secured the Treehouse parking lot videos for law enforcement. 

Defense Witnesses

Angie Bond
Leanna Harris’s best friend since high school.

Dr. Gene Brewer
Director of Memory Research Lab at Arizona State University.

Heather Coyle
Travel agent in the Marietta area. Assisted Ross and Leanna in planning an October 2014 family cruise.

Scott Moulton
Computer and digital forensics expert.

Roger Webb
Licensed real estate agent in Georgia. Assisted the Harrises in their plans to buy a house.